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About the project

 Apollon gin parallels those dichotomies associated with Apollo, the Greek god of poetry and archery, among many things. In the carefully curated distillation process, Apollon aims to evoke a sharp, yet smooth flavor and sensation. Sweet fruits add a sweet sensation, while pungent spices native to Greece create a sharp taste. These ingredients are blended masterfully in the same way elements of the design were put together to create the face of the brand. 

All three bottles boast the same logo, font, and image of the Greek god Apollo. The differentiation is in the colors of each respective glass bottle. There are three renditions to choose from—French Vanilla, Red Flame, and Classic. Where French Vanilla is bottled using clear glass to showcase the deep, brown color of the spirit, the Classic is bottled using black tinted glass, and the Red Flame bottle is sensibly red. Using a combination of black, white, and gold embellishments, the label maintains a crisp and bold facade reminiscent of divinity and elegance.

Designer: Dany Vo

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